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On this map:

Antiques (Show only)
map it Welcome Home 2 hr, 52 m

Art (Show only)
map it Columbus Art Gallery 1 hr, 52 m

Automotive (Show only)
map it M Frias Auto Parts

Barber (Show only)
map it David's Barber Shop 1 hr, 52 m

Childcare (Show only)
map it Columbus Preschool & Gym
map it Super Soccer Stars

Coffee House (Show only)
map it 3 Star Coffee Shop

Construction (Show only)
map it Artistics General Contractors 1 hr, 22 m

Design Services (Show only)
map it Archetype 63 hr, 52 m

Electronics (Show only)
map it Radio Shack 2 hr, 52 m

Financial Services (Show only)
map it Chase Bank 0 hr, 52 m
map it Commerce Bank 2 hr, 52 m
map it Pay O Matic 168:00

Florist (Show only)
map it Flowers on the Park
map it The Secret Garden

Garment Services (Show only)
map it Ding Ho Laundry 1 hr, 52 m
map it Dry Cleaners
map it Maison Ciline French Cleaners 1 hr, 52 m
map it Mimi's Cleaners 2 hr, 22 m
map it Nordic Cleaners 1 hr, 52 m
map it Sole Shoe Repair 1 hr, 52 m
map it Straus Cleaners
map it Turin Cleaners 1 hr, 52 m

General Merchandise (Show only)
map it Duane Reade 168:00

Government (Show only)
map it Gale A Brewer Councilmember

Grocery (Show only)
map it Capital Market & Deli
map it Lotto 2 hr, 52 m
map it Olympic Gourmet Deli

Home Improvement (Show only)
map it AJO Home & Lumber Depot
map it Ace Hardware 0 hr, 37 m

Insurance (Show only)
map it Allstate Insurance 16 hr, 52 m

Medical Practitioner (Show only)
map it Acuity NYC 0 hr, 52 m

Nonprofit (Show only)
map it Common Cents

Pet Services (Show only)
map it Animal General
map it Center for Avian and Exotic Medicine

Pets (Show only)
map it Pet Stop 1 hr, 52 m

Printing Services (Show only)
map it Copy Door 3 hr, 37 m

Public Facility (Show only)
map it Goddard Riverside Community Ctr

Real Estate Services (Show only)
map it T & J Realty Co.

Restaurant (Show only)
map it Bella Luna Ristorante 4 hr, 52 m
map it Columbus Cafe
map it Darna Restaurant 1 hr, 52 m
map it Domino's Pizza 8 hr, 52 m

Salon (Show only)
map it Dashing Diva 4 hr, 22 m
map it International Hair 2 hr, 22 m

Training School (Show only)
map it Hands On A Musical Experience

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