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On this map:

Antiques (Show only)
map it Welcome Home 13 hr, 45 m

Art (Show only)
map it Columbus Art Gallery 12 hr, 45 m

Automotive (Show only)
map it M Frias Auto Parts

Barber (Show only)
map it David's Barber Shop 11 hr, 45 m

Childcare (Show only)
map it Columbus Preschool & Gym
map it Super Soccer Stars

Coffee House (Show only)
map it 3 Star Coffee Shop

Construction (Show only)
map it Artistics General Contractors 11 hr, 45 m

Design Services (Show only)
map it Archetype 10 hr, 45 m

Electronics (Show only)
map it Radio Shack 10 hr, 45 m

Financial Services (Show only)
map it Chase Bank 9 hr, 45 m
map it Commerce Bank 9 hr, 15 m
map it Pay O Matic 168:00

Florist (Show only)
map it Flowers on the Park
map it The Secret Garden

Garment Services (Show only)
map it Ding Ho Laundry 9 hr, 15 m
map it Dry Cleaners
map it Maison Ciline French Cleaners 8 hr, 45 m
map it Mimi's Cleaners 8 hr, 45 m
map it Nordic Cleaners 8 hr, 45 m
map it Sole Shoe Repair 9 hr, 15 m
map it Straus Cleaners
map it Turin Cleaners 8 hr, 45 m

General Merchandise (Show only)
map it Duane Reade 168:00

Government (Show only)
map it Gale A Brewer Councilmember

Grocery (Show only)
map it Capital Market & Deli
map it Lotto 9 hr, 45 m
map it Olympic Gourmet Deli

Home Improvement (Show only)
map it AJO Home & Lumber Depot
map it Ace Hardware 9 hr, 45 m

Insurance (Show only)
map it Allstate Insurance 10 hr, 45 m

Medical Practitioner (Show only)
map it Acuity NYC 35 hr, 45 m

Nonprofit (Show only)
map it Common Cents

Pet Services (Show only)
map it Animal General
map it Center for Avian and Exotic Medicine

Pets (Show only)
map it Pet Stop 11 hr, 45 m

Printing Services (Show only)
map it Copy Door 10 hr, 15 m

Public Facility (Show only)
map it Goddard Riverside Community Ctr

Real Estate Services (Show only)
map it T & J Realty Co.

Restaurant (Show only)
map it Bella Luna Ristorante 18 hr, 45 m
map it Columbus Cafe
map it Darna Restaurant 13 hr, 15 m
map it Domino's Pizza 2 hr, 45 m

Salon (Show only)
map it Dashing Diva 11 hr, 15 m
map it International Hair 11 hr, 15 m

Training School (Show only)
map it Hands On A Musical Experience

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