LiveVillage is an interactive virtual neighborhood - a living model of the real community around you. LiveVillage It's time-aware, self-updating, and fully searchable - the first digital map of its kind.

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You shouldn't have to have an in-depth planning session to have an interesting evening out.

A city is one of the richest and most engaging places we know, yet the individual places and events that give it its vitality can go entirely unnoticed. Typical maps don't go beyond the street level and are locked in time even though the city changes constantly. Villageware invented LiveVillage to break through this constraint, to create a live, changing, virtual model of the place where you live.

In real life, things change all of the time. Shops open and close every day. Buildings are built or torn down. Festivals and street fairs take place, and trees change color with the seasons. Clubs host a different band every night and theatres change their movies. All of these occurrences, all of the things that create the vibrancy of the urban environment, can be found in LiveVillage.

To get this type of information, normally you have to sort through diverse sources like restaurant guides, music calendars, newspapers, and so on. Then, if you find something interesting, you have to find a map and a calendar and figure out how far away it is and whether you have time to get there. But LiveVillage shows everything you need to know in a geographical, time-sensitive format, more like the way you naturally experience them. You don't have to miss a thing.

Find what you want,
    When you want it.

Browse the vast array of places, products and events available in your neighborhood at any given moment. Sort them by:

      • Name, category, or keyword
      • Date or time of day
      • Type of event or venue
      • Open or closed status

Search for something more specific, and watch results appear instantly as you type.

A Living Map
LiveVillage changes as the city changes. Stores change color as they open and close each day. Event icons pop up to show what's happening now, in the future, and in the recent past. New businesses and buildings appear, and others vanish as they close their doors for good.

Time Aware
You can find out what's going on right now or warp ahead to the future to see what's happening next Friday night. Or time travel to the past to find what you missed.

You can post comments, events and announcements to LiveVillage. If you're connected to the internet, they instantly show up on the map for other members of the community to see.

Live Search
Search by keyword, category, or address - LiveVillage returns and narrows your results instantly as you type.

Clickable Map
Click on shops and buildings to access detail views showing additional information.

Screensaver Mode
Use LiveVillage as a screensaver to transform your idle computer into a constantly updated window on your local neighborhood and its happenings.

local events and
Like a TV guide,
but with
local places
of channels

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