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Art (Show only)
map it City Stone Works Inc.
map it Columbia Frame Shop 7 hr, 12 m

Barber (Show only)
map it B-Way Barber Shop

Bars and Taverns (Show only)
map it Patrick Ryan's 1 hr, 12 m

Beverages (Show only)
map it Wine & Liquor 6 hr, 12 m
map it World Wines & Liquors

Clothing (Show only)
map it The Sneaker Store

Desserts (Show only)
map it Chokolat Patisserie 4 hr, 42 m

Financial Services (Show only)
map it Amalgamated Bank 5 hr, 42 m
map it Bank of America ATM
map it H & R Block
map it Rite Check 4 hr, 12 m
map it Western Union 5 hr, 12 m

Furniture (Show only)
map it Luis Furniture 7 hr, 12 m

Garment Services (Show only)
map it B Bubbles Inc. 4 hr, 42 m
map it King West Cleaners 4 hr, 12 m
map it La Salle Cleaners 4 hr, 42 m
map it Riverside Cleaners
map it Spotless Cleaners
map it West Royal Cleaners 4 hr, 12 m

General Merchandise (Show only)
map it Claremont Chemists 6 hr, 12 m
map it Duane Reade 4 hr, 12 m
map it Manhattanville Pharmacy 6 hr, 12 m

Grocery (Show only)
map it C-Town Supermarket
map it Columbia Deli Market
map it Olive Tree Deli 4 hr, 12 m
map it Smoke & News
map it Thrifty Deli Supermarket
map it Tiemann Pl Del Grocery 168:00
map it USA #1 Gourmet Deli 168:00
map it Uni One Gourmet Deli 168:00

Health Services (Show only)
map it Salud Krystal Health 7 hr, 42 m

Imports (Show only)
map it Global International Trade

Medical Practitioner (Show only)
map it Medical Offices of Leonard Vitale 7 hr, 12 m
map it Praise the Lord Dental
map it VNV Optical 7 hr, 12 m

Organization (Show only)
map it International House

Printing Services (Show only)
map it Broadway Copy Center 6 hr, 12 m

Real Estate Services (Show only)
map it Harlem Homes Realty Inc.

Religious Organization (Show only)
map it Jewish Theological Seminary

Restaurant (Show only)
map it Broadway Au Lait
map it China Place 8 hr, 11 m
map it El Porton
map it Famous Seafood 8 hr, 11 m
map it Kitchenette 5 hr, 12 m
map it Lincoln Fried Chicken
map it Lyla's Cafe 5 hr, 12 m
map it Max Cafe
map it Max SoHa 8 hr, 42 m
map it McDonalds
map it New Good Friend 8 hr, 11 m
map it Panda 8 hr, 11 m
map it Peking Garden 8 hr, 11 m
map it Pisticci
map it Saga Sushi 8 hr, 11 m
map it Sezz Medi' 8 hr, 42 m
map it Stop 125
map it Subway Sandwiches 6 hr, 12 m
map it Tamarind Gourmet
map it Toast 8 hr, 11 m
map it Tom's Delicious Pizza 8 hr, 11 m
map it West Place 8 hr, 11 m

Salon (Show only)
map it Columbia Hairstyle 6 hr, 12 m
map it DJ Nails 7 hr, 12 m
map it Evolution Unisex Salon 6 hr, 12 m
map it Twirls 6 hr, 42 m

Training School (Show only)
map it Jose's Driving School
map it Manhattan School of Music

Video Rental (Show only)
map it Video Mania

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